About The Rainbow Feather


Welcome to The Rainbow Feather where the goal here is to bring the best quality handmade items to you and your littles. We strive to bring you unique and entertaining 3D printed and laser items that everyone will love and use.
I'm Em and The Rainbow Feather has been my brain child since around 2019. I started this adventure making little hand painted signs because I was firmly set on doing it myself. Through the pandemic I have self-taught the art of 3D printing, laser work, and designing and now here in 2021 it's what I enjoy doing most. I love creating unique earrings you just don't see everyday alongside creating fun little games for your littles of any age. 
Our most popular items are our unique hair clips and earrings and they sell out like hotcakes. We even do custom designs that will match any theme you'd like. We love a challenge so if you have an idea for something don't hesitate to contact us at shoprainbowfeather@yahoo.com!
We look forward to making something for you that we just know you'll love.